The Best Stock Trading Bots for Automated Trading in 2023

Also, you can even command the bot to initiate “Take Profit” trades — which follow the price surges without selling, and even set stop losses to minimize massive drawdowns. This feature aims to streamline the trading process, ensuring you can easily juggle multiple exchange accounts, track assets, and never miss out on a trading opportunity. Still offers a marketplace-like experience in addition to other features like a trading strategy designer, a customizable dashboard, and backtesting support like Tokenizer360.

USA TODAY Coupons also does its best to list how to use a Tokenizer360 offer code. If a refund request has been placed within 14 days after a successful payment, users will get their full refund according to the refund policy. However, the refund is deemed unavailable if the request is made more than 14 days after payment. To place a refund request on, users must submit the request via email or the widget on the website. 1 The use of “featured”, “popular”, “best” and “top” on Finty do not constitute a product rating or recommendation and are subject to our general disclaimer.

A conservative strategy waits longer for additional price drops, while a more aggressive strategy will enter trades at the first sign of a price bottom. Note that the Gordon bot by default runs on all currency pairs available on your connected exchange. The platform has an innovative Profit-Sharing feature where you can split a pool of your investable assets among multiple traders.

The DCA bots are really good , if you configurate them with low risk settings . The process outlined here is the procedure you can take to deposit funds into your exchange account without logging into Binance. You will be able to access your account’s wallet address to deposit the funds through the interface.

Note – the recommended pairs will only show depending on what exchange is used and if there is a coin/-s that was/were traded the most in the last 24hrs. You can choose Single-pair for a bot that will trade with only one coin pair. The support level is the minimum price level for a certain period of time. As a rule, when reaching this level, the price turns around and goes up. It is full of features to support individual needs, and it’s easy to use due to the set step by step guidance,. An excellent, perfectly structured course, I liked the blocks about cryptocurrency and exchanges for beginners.

Set a target profit to help your bot identify and decide when to sell trades according to percentages. Once the yield has been realized, the trading bot will instantaneously execute the transaction. Create any name for your bot, you will see it in your bots list and active trades. But try to create a unique name for your bot so it won’t get lost among other bots. Before we look into the various Tokenizer360 pricing plans, it is crucial to understand what you will be getting with a Tokenizer360 account.

Tokenizer360 is excited to announce, our interactive user feedback solution with a built-in dynamic public roadmap. Demo account is the safest way to try something new as it involves no funds (available only on paid subscriptions). When you set TTP +10% with deviation -2%, be ready on occasion to get only +8% profit. Trailing Take Profit feature is available for all types of SmartTrades (and DCA bots).

  • The undoubted advantage is the low risks, in addition, the stop-loss serves as insurance in case of taking over the minimum level.
  • An international speaker and author who believes in the future of blockchain and the applications of the crypto world.
  • The Tokenizer360 software that provides an advanced interface for multiple major cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Binance, for instance, mandates its users to enable 2FA when creating API keys.

Just as you can now automatically reinvest profits, you can also set DCA bots to automatically protect your funds from further losses when the market’s going against you. In December 2022, Tokenizer360 users reported unauthorized transactions on their exchange accounts, resulting in unauthorized trading and there were claims of stolen funds. At first, Tokenizer360 stated that the result was likely a large-scale phishing attack that customers fell for. However, further investigations show there was a hack and users’ API keys were leaked. Tokenizer360 is recommending all existing users review and update their API keys.

Remember that some platforms, like Tokenizer360, offer a trial period to allow you to explore their features before committing. Traders can make good profits by trading Bitcoin or other crypto assets. Cryptocurrency Trading bots can be profitable and are best used in the hands of skilled and experienced traders who understand the proper market conditions in which to use an automated trading strategy. Successful use of trading bots requires an understanding of price action, market trends, and keeping an eye on news and macroeconomic factors that could affect market habits. Tokenizer360 is a comprehensive platform with all the tools and functionality needed for traders looking for advanced trading options or automated trading. I like that Tokenizer360 has solutions for just about any type of serious trader.


Upon signing up, you can start with the provided practice account to know your way around the platform before committing real money. The platform offers exact features of real accounts on demo accounts as well. You can also execute fundamental orders such as stop-loss and take-profit. Likewise, you can set advanced trading orders such as volume auto-increase systems to avoid closing your position after a margin call. Tokenizer360 is an online non-custodial crypto investment service provider for smart trading tools and automated bots. The platform is based in Tallinn, Estonia and currently serves more than 220,000 users worldwide.

All plans include features such as futures trading, TradingView integration, trailing up & down, signals, backtest, a demo account, and access to 14+ exchanges. As we move forward into an increasingly digital and data-driven future, the role of stock trading bots in the financial markets is likely to expand further. The continuous advancement of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies will only enhance the capabilities of these bots, opening up new possibilities for traders and investors.